Culture Exploration In Essay

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Expand on your ideas download what you know particularly on the cultural context questions talked a lot about the society about the religion about the culture everything you can remember I don’t mean irrelevant to the question but you’re going to have plenty of time to write these essays try to write more use your art history vocabulary you have been practicing again these specialized terms use as many of them as you can don’t worry if you don’t know how to spell them you will not be penalized if you get close enough that the greater knows what you’re talking about where appropriate include cultural details that might seem obvious this is particularly important for this group when you get to Christian images you attend a Catholic school you are familiar with elements of Catholic ritual of the Christian story of the Bible. Find different essays on different topics at Edusson.

Don’t just assume that you shouldn’t mention those things because they’re obvious nothing is obvious tell what you know you have an advantage use it okay moving on to the specific test here’s question one the cultural context question and by the way this one has appeared more than once in the past it won’t appear next year but some essay a short essay version of it really could appear in your in your test so across the world sites and structures have been the destination of people on religious pilgrimages select and clearly identify it that means as much information as you can give titled place time etc to sites or structures of religious pilgrimages your choices must come from two different cultural traditions as always with these one must be from beyond the European tradition using specific visual evidence in other words to talk about what the work looks like analyze how features of each site or structure shape the intended experience of pilgrims so notice that this is asking you not only to talk about the pilgrimage sites but to talk about pilgrimages a phenomenon this is where you shouldn’t hesitate to mention the obvious of pilgrimage is a journey a pilgrimage is a religious experience some pilgrimages. More on what is essay and what it should be like in this article.

All pilgrimages will have certain features in common talk about these so you know the darrell with the cultural context question and we’ve practiced it a lot please again coming to the exam armed with some non-western examples that you can fully identify and discuss you all put together images for your art of the Americas presentations these would be very good to know so would Buddhists and Islamic images ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian images countess non-western but the College Board doesn’t like them as well so use only those that you think if you can’t think of a good alternative turning to this question the sites must be religious which means that the intended experience will be religious this is an open invitation to download information you know about these religions but remember that you have to relate this information to specific visual evidence and note the word specific do not talk about a generic church mosque or stupa.