Essence Of The Essay

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What is the basic principle what are the essence of it and then you have to move further so when it says behavior regarding risk now you have from here onwards you will start you out of work and this is the first stage of failure of work now one people will say that one should take a risk but the most important question here in this is what you understand by the risk itself if you are not very clear about the risk and the nature of risk probably you will not be in a position to cite very good illustration you understand it I know but the way you understand then only you will be the illustration and the example the way you bring example an illustration. Read beautiful essay examples onĀ Edusson.

And that is the way you substantiate your position this is why it is very very crucial so it says risk someone say one should take risk another will say only calculated risk but then how do we know what is a calculated risk because most of the time most of the time in life though we take decisions but we do not know the exact consequences we do not know the exact if this would have been the case then probably you will not have to take second or third attempt final first attempt is the final attempt for the civil services but it never happens because you do not know the consequences and when you decide about the Civil Services Examination and you know the consequences the only two there are two consequences that you know either you are going to qualify or you can’t qualify or or you fail to qualify there are only two positions for it but anyway but when you take calculated calculation then you try to minimize the risk you look for some alternatives and something like that but it is not always so the reason is risk which you call risk for one can be a common place for another five it can be then in any case there are certain things that we have to do in life and we do not know the consequences. Find out what can be risky about your work in this article.

It depends upon our moral obligation which depends upon urban professional obligation this depends upon our personal obligations and so many things I give you an example of it in 2005 after 9/11 when fighting in terror was going on in Afghanistan then the Intelligence Agency of us received a message that in some village huge number of Taliban fighters are hiding and they possess huge number of arms so they decided to launch a strike and so a Navy SEAL team was sent to that particular place one person was hiding and then it was total twenty twenty people steamed and when they took the position when they took the position in that mountain areas then all of a sudden they found that there are two person who are walking through that area and then with them there is a fourteen year boy so they decided they caught them.