Statements And Quotes In Essay

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You have to take care of the structure that is the biggest problem that I have witnessed a structure is really a means the way you people used to to take paper one two three four the same session you attempt they say it is not done it’s not done it will not serve the purpose and if one thing if you ask the common mistakes that candidate used to commit it is the lacking of the organic link which in the organic link it is not well connected from one point to two point to three point so ultimately you will have to say that introduction is all about the essence of the topic it is not about your stand it is also not about use and counter views you have to evaluate the topic. Learn how to do good statements at Edusson.

And then you have to restate either through quotes stories events whatever way you adopt it or you feel comfortable the any in in any case the requirement is essence of the topic so the introduction is all about the topic then when it comes to the next stage here from here onwards analysis starts taking place and again it is not about your agreeing or disagreeing it is also not our your final view it is all about views the counter views so when we were in the school there we read the classification of si like a narrative essay descriptive essay and then some other essay but here no requirement of those things because mostly always they will ask the argumentative essay where good analysis arguments then when you have to substantiate because in any case they are not going to give you the topic that to write 1,000 words that you love or not love cow to write an essay on cow in any case they will not ask so ultimately the thing is that it’s very very important what the argument is always involved and whenever you have to see from the argumentative essay then you have to see the views the counter views you agree you disagree and certain thing and then you will lead to the final conclusion and when you lead to the conclusion the first thing in the write-up that we use to check is the conclusion.

Because the moment you reach to the conclusion that gives a sense that you want to exit now both Orajel Tech which are correct so abrupt in this the biggest mistake because what happens say when one structure is there then you have to complete the structure right from introduction to the conclusion and accordingly marks are distributed accordingly you have to distribute the words also it is not like that conclusion will be of fifty words and then whole essays of nine hundred and fifty words so there should be some proportion 150 words to introduction then some 600 700 words to the body and then one paragraph another paragraph and then if you are taking some four or five dimension that 100 words to each dimension then 100 150 words to the conclusion within conclusion when you wrap up 50 words when you try to see certain things.