What Is A Good Essay

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When you take the wider picture of the topic that is the first and the most important criteria of why I am saying so because whenever you call it a good essay there is no precise definition of it but even for this examine there are four essential criterias you have to meet these are the essential criterias and in any case you have to do so that you do not have any choice number one you work you have to remain relevant in any topic the first thing is that you need to be a relevant means you have to talk which is required you are not allowed to talk certain things and discuss which is not allowed according to the nature of the topic the second one is in any case as said in any case it has to be sign posted. Read about the difference between good and bad essay onĀ Edusson.

Any information without direction or discussion any information discussion analysis without direction is useless and the third one is your argument must be sustained means you have to look very fresh position substantiated in every each and every dimension or perspective of the topic you are supposed to talk and then finally in any case it has to be complete means if you are not able to give a holistic picture it’s your work is half done and one if your work is half done then also there are chances that you may get 120-125 despite the fact that you have all the potential and you can score well for 20-25 extra marks you have to do this you do not have to read anything not required because you are there is nothing in this world that you press he asked you PC leaves and then you have to read history geography society globalization economic geography Constitution governance now ethics what is good what is bad what is moral what is immoral why Gandhi said why Gandhi not said why chakras said why I said how come we know why I said but the thing is that there are certain established thought that the collective consigns of the society accepted. Read this article to find out about topic development in essay.

And this is why we also need to give it thought to it even if we want to keep it the side then there must be some rational logic there must be some imperative data and something like that so whenever you have to write it has to be relevant signposted sustained and complete this is how so whenever you have any topic comes to you you have to start from the rougher rougher is this you start by restating bei statement and then in restating try to see from different perspective one position try to to keep the essence of the topic the left the right the center and then you have to move the next level of rough work and that is try to figure out now what are the essential things out of this you want to discuss and then you have to go for arrangement of the paragraph.